June 30, 2010

Dance While Driving Responsibly

I had a show in Iowa last week
and so i drove and drove and drove.

At one point
somewhere in Wyoming...
after an 11 hour stretch,
with two more to go before bedtime
I found myself with the windows down
stereo cranked to a most excellent
classic rock station
which, at the moment was belting out
"Love the One Your With" by CSN
with me singing along...loudly.
A freight truck doing at least 80
passed me on the left
while simultaeously,
a long line of boxcars
rumbled by on the right
and all around us
was wide open space
that should've been oh so quiet
but wasn't.

We make a lot of noise
transporting all of our stuff
from point a to point b.

June 17, 2010

Mom's Mother's Mother's etc. Rhubarb Pie

Family came to visit
and it being June
with rhubarb abounding,
I baked a pie.

The same pie that my
mom's mother's mother's etc.
has been baking for

The insides might have changed
over the years.
But, the crust
is exactly the same
down to the three stalks of wheat
cut into the top.
It's a beautiful design,
before the butter melts it out of shape.
And somewhere,
tucked into my DNA
there is a story to go with it.
I just wish I knew what it was.

And since it is always good
to have something to wish for,
there is a certain sense of joy
in being part of some great
never to be solved mystery.

June 09, 2010

A Perfect Day

I used to think
that a perfect day
was a day full of
your favorite activities.

But, now i know
that a perfect day
can be a day
that isn't about me at all.

That person grinning from ear to ear
is my baby brother.
He'll soon turn 43
but, that's not what he is smiling about.

Last Tuesday, he graduated from OHSU
with his bachelors degree in nursing.
On Wednesday,
he interviewed for his dream job
and three hours later,
they called to offer him the position.

The room where he interviewed
overlooked an outdoor concrete staircase
that he had spent many cold,
rainy days building just 5 1/2 years ago.
It was the perfect image to hold in his mind
as he talked about why he wanted
to work at and be part of OHSU.

I like to think about the symbolism of a staircase.
How they help us to navigate steep and difficult slopes.
How they make it easier for us to get to our destination.

I like to think that
that staircase helped my brother
follow his long ago dream
of working in the medical profession.

Ask a discontented person
how many perfect days they think they're
entitled to.
They will have a number for you.

Other folks know
that if even one perfect day
comes along in their lifetime,
an extraordinary thing has occured.

A feeling to be taken in and marveled over.

Last Wednesday was a perfect day.
Not just for my brother
but also,
for everyone who loves him.

June 02, 2010

Functional Art #2

This old
water line cover
brings me such joy
each time I happen
to walk by it.
So simple so beautiful
so well-made.
They could have made it plain
so grateful that they didn't.